Some rooms have been equipped with Solstice Pods to help facilitate presenting from a laptop or mobile device. Up to 4 devices can be connected to the Solstice at once for simultaneous sharing.

The main screen for each Solstice Pod allows you to connect via either of two ways:

  1. Use the Solstice app for your device. Visit this webpage for shortcuts to the appropriate app for your device:

  2. Use your device’s web browser at the specified IP address. (This is basically a shortcut to the apps.)

After you disconnect, the app will remember previous connections in a list to make it easier to connect in the future. Just select it and enter the new key the next time you connect.

Want to view the session remotely? The meeting organizer should share the web address (ex. with the viewer. Then the viewer should launch the Solstice app, and select Meeting -> Remote View.

Meeting Options:

Step-by-step guide - Solstice App

  1. First, download and install the Solstice app from your device's app store.

  2. Once installed, open the app.

  3. When prompted, select a name for your device. (ex. John’s iPhone)

  4. Type in the IP address (ex. and the 4-character key displayed on the Solstice screen.

    Step 1, select a name Step 2, type in the address Step 3, enter the key Step 4, main menu options

Step-by-step guide - Your Device's Browser

  1. Open the browser and type in the specified IP address in the address field (ex.

  2. When prompted, download and install the app.

  3. Open the app.

  4. When prompted, select a name for your device.

  5. When prompted, type in the 4-character key displayed on the Solstice screen.

    step 1, type in addressstep 2, enter your namestep 3, type in the keystep 4, main menu options
  1. Certain apps may not work due to DRM & HDCP protections (such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video, HBONow, Hulu, etc.). This is a copyright protection issue beyond IT’s control.
  2. Mac desktop computers and Android mobile devices are currently not able to share audio with the display screen. IT staff have submitted this issue to Solstice and are waiting for a fix.

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