Acceptable Use Policy – Security

Security of Information Storage and Transmission

Valparaiso University assumes users are aware that electronic files and transmissions are not necessarily secure.

Users of electronic mail systems should be aware that electronic mail in its present form is generally not secured and is extremely vulnerable to unauthorized access, modification, and forgery.

Users of the World Wide Web should be aware that information sent or received via the Internet is not necessarily secure. Moreover, many Internet sites collect information about the source of inquiries, and some store markers (known as “cookies”) on the user’s computer system for later retrieval by their site or other sites. It is possible for software on a World Wide Web site to explore and retrieve information from the user’s computer without the user being aware of the invasion.

Anyone who “downloads” software, certain applications, or certain file types (such as Microsoft Word documents) should be aware of the possibility that such material could incorporate viruses, worms, or other destructive materials.

Protecting Your Computer Accounts

Protecting From Viruses, Worms, Etc.