How to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) services on a Windows 10 computer. You should only need to install the Sonicwall software once; thereafter, start with step six (6) to login.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to and login with your ValpoNet credentials. Keep the domain as "valpo."

    *In most cases, this step can be skipped if running Windows 10.  Starting from Step 2 should yield successful results; if this is not the case, however, please restart the process and include Step 1.

  2. After logging in at, visit the Windows Store in the taskbar or search for it.


  3. In the store, search for “sonicwall,” then download and install SonicWall Mobile Connect.


  4. Return to Windows and enter "VPN" in the Windows search bar and click on "Change virtual private networks (VPN)."


  5. Once in VPN, click on “Add a VPN connection.” Then add the following information and click "Save":

    VPN provider: SonicWall Mobile Connect
    Connection name: valpo
    Server name or address:


  6. Under VPN, you can now select "valpo," click the "Connect" button, and you will be prompted for your ValpoNet credentials. When asked for the domain, make sure "valpo" is selected and click next.  
    1. Note: you may need to enter your username in the following format: valpo\username

  7. You are now connected to the VPN!



If you're having trouble connecting and nothing is working, you may wish to try uninstalling the Sonicwall software, then re-downloading and re-installing it.

As noted above, Step 1 is oftentimes unnecessary, as you should be able to finalize the VPN connection through the Sonicwall Mobile Connect app alone.  If you are experiencing difficulty with the Sonicwall Mobile Connect app, then signing in through will allow you to use an alternative, though less versatile version of the VPN.  This separate process is covered in this article.

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.

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