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General Student Hiring & Form Instructions

  1. The department makes the decision to hire a student
    1. The department finds, interviews, and selects the student to hire
      1. Handshake Posting
      2. Assignment of Job Number & Wage rate
      3. Suggested Interviewing Practices
      4. Extending an offer of employment and notifying candidates not selected
  2. Confirm that the student is enrolled at least half-time for the current term.
    1. Half-time is defined as:
      1. Undergraduate students >= 6 credits
      2. Graduate students >= 4.5 credits
      3. Law students >= 6 credits
    2. All students enrolled at least half time must be hired using the Student Hiring Form
    3. Students who are enrolled less than half time must be hired as a temporary employee and hired using a Notice of Employment Form. All NOE’s are sent to HR for processing. 
      1. A student hired as a temporary employee and whom has not previously worked on campus must complete new hire documentation prior to working. Contact HR for more information.  
  3. Completing the Student Hiring Form
    1. The department will need the following information to complete the form 
      1. Student Name
      2. Student ID number
      3. Student phone number
      4. Student (permanent) address
      5. Has the student ever worked on campus?
        1. Students who have never worked on campus must complete all new hire documentation and provide I-9 identification prior to starting work.
          1. When you select that a student has not previously worked on campus, the system will automatically send the student the new hire packet to complete. The packet will be sent directly to the email address that you provide for the student on the form. 
        2. If a student has previously worked on campus, you only need to complete the form.
      6. Job title
      7. Job number
        1. If no job number exists for the position, you must contact Financial Aid for them to create a new job number prior to submitting the form.
      8. Job type
        1. SSUP (Student Support Position)
        2. SSER (Student Service Position)
        3. STEC (Student Technical Position)
        4. Stipend Salary
      9. Estimated weekly hours the student will be working
        1. Domestic Undergraduate and Graduate students can work 29 hours per week with classes
        2. International students can work 20 hours per week with classes
        3. Law students can work 20 hours per week with classes
        4. Students not taking classes can work 40 hours per week in the summer (Domestic and International) but must be hired using the Notice of Employment form.
      10. Anticipated start date
      11. Pay rate
        1. Job pay rates are determined by job pay levels. 
          1. Level 1: $7.25 - $8.00 per hour
          2. Level 2: $7.25 - $8.50 per hour
          3. Level 3: $7.25 - $9.00 per hour
          4. Level 4: $7.25 - $10.00 per hour
          5. Level 5: $7.25 - $11.50 per hour 
      12. Semester(s) to be worked
        1. Academic year
          1. Fall only
          2. Spring only 
          3. Fall and Spring (full academic year)
        2. Summer sessions
          1. Summer I only
          2. Summer II only
          3. Full Summer
            1. Separate Student Hiring Forms’s must be completed for summer terms. (You cannot use the same form to hire a student for the academic year AND the summer.)
      13. Academic year
      14. Department name
      15. Department contact
        1. Person completing the form 
      16. Kronos Supervisor
        1. The person who will approve the student’s hours within Kronos
      17. Kronos Supervisor email
      18. Kronos Supervisor telephone extension
        1. This is in case the payroll department needs to contact them regarding any issues with the student’s hour within Kronos.
    2. The Student Hiring Form can be saved and completed at a later time.
    3. Section 3 is for Financial Aid only - just click “Continue” to move to the next screen.
    4. Section 4 is for HR only - just click “Continue” to move to the next screen.
    5. Section 5 is for Payroll only - just click “Continue” to move to the next screen.
    6. Section 6 allows you to:
      1. Save your progress and resume later
      2. Click “Previous” to change information
      3. Click “Submit” to send the form
  4. If the student has not previously worked on campus, the new hire packet will automatically be sent to the email address provided.
  5. Once submitted the form goes to Financial Aid for review
    1. If any corrections are needed you will be contacted by Financial Aid
  6. Once Financial Aid approves the form it is sent to Human Resources 
    1. HR processes the new hire documentation, if necessary 
    2. HR verifies employment documentation on file is current and up to date
      1. HR will contact the student and update paperwork, if necessary 
  7. Once HR has completed their process the form is sent to Payroll
    1. Payroll enters the employee into Colleague
    2. Data transfer from Colleague to Kronos adds student employees to the system
  8. When payroll is done, the hiring process is complete and the student may start working. 
    1. The Kronos supervisor will receive an email letting them know it is complete.