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For Simple Syllabus Administrators, Designers, and Editors. Simple Syllabus receives course ID and faculty information from Blackboard, and Blackboard receives the same information from Colleague (SIS.) A course ID uniquely identifies each course. When courses are merged in Blackboard, the individual course IDs are combined. For a simple syllabus to be connected to a blackboard, they have matching course IDs. This article will document the process of how to create a simple syllabus course and a section for a merged blackboard course and add the instructor.

Valparaiso University and Simple Syllabus icons

Step-by-step guide

Blackboard merged courses

Blackboard merged courses example

click admin then click courses

click the pencil to edit

scroll down to sections, click add section

type the merged section letters to match blackboard. Copy and paste merged course ID from the Blackboard course properties

Click save and new

Click the pencil on the new section to edit and add the instructor(s)

scroll down to add roles

use the role drop-down list to select instructor then type the instructor's name in the search area then click add

the course simple syllabus template shell has been connected and integrated into the merged Blackboard course

Example of Simple Syllabus

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.