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Descriptions and Contact Information

Contact the following offices to resolve account holds that are preventing registration, transcript orders, and other services at the university.


Restriction (Code)

Description and Contact Information

Contact Admission-High School Transcript (AD)

Admission has not yet received your High School Transcript.
Contact information: or 219.464.5011

Call Collections - 219.464.5221 (CO)

Please contact Collections in the Finance Office regarding this
hold as some are all of your financial obligation to the
university has been referred to an outside collections agency.

Finance Office - Exit Interview (FO)

You have not completed your Perkins loan interview. This may
result in additional holds being placed on your record that will
affect your ability to register or order copies of your
transcripts or diploma. Please contact Sharie Palmer in the
Finance Office as soon as possible. or 219.464.5221

Financial Aid Hold (FA)

You have outstanding paperwork with the Office of Financial Aid
that may also be affecting your student accounts balance. Please
contact the Office of Financial Aid. or 219.464.5015

Graduate - Transcript Needed (GTR)

You have a hold from the Graduate School regarding required
materials. Contact information: or 219.464.5313

Contact Health Center (HC)

Please contact the Health Center regarding a hold on your
account. Either you haven't submitted your required records or
have not paid for services rendered. Contact information: or 219.464.5060

Contact Housing Office (HO)

You have a hold from the Housing Office/Residential Life.
Contact information: or 219.464.5413

Parking Fine--See Parking Office (PDF)

Please contact

Contact Student Accounts - Payment Agreement Form Needed (SAF)

You have not completed your payment agreement form. Please go to Use your
personal email that you used during your admission process to
sign in. Office of Student Accounts: or 219.464.5101

Contact Student Accounts - Balance (SAP)

Additional SA Hold Types
SA   - Student Accounts Hold - Prevents registration
SAD - Student Accounts Balance<$3000 - Does not prevent registration
SAMP1 - Regarding payment plan - Does not prevent registration
SAP - Student Accounts Balance>$3000 - Prevents registration

You have an outstanding balance on your account that will prevent
registration. This hold will also prevent the release of
transcripts, diplomas, or verification of enrollment. Office of Student Accounts: or 219.464.5101


  • Balances over $3,000 prevent registration, but smaller balances do not. Student Accounts uses two separate hold types to allow students with balances under $3,000 to register without delay.
  • Students with a Financial Aid Hold should contact the Office of Financial Aid before contacting Student Accounts.
  • Student Accounts, Graduate School, Office of the Registrar, and Finance Office are located in Kretzmann Hall.
  • Undergraduate Admission is located in the Duesenberg Welcome Center.
  • Residential Life is located in the Harre Union.
  • Valparaiso University Health Center is located at Promenade East Building, 55 University Drive, Suite 102.
  • Campus Map: edu/about/maps-directions

For additional assistance, contact the Office of the Registrar at