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Valparaiso University uses Acalog and Curriculog by Modern Campus for catalog and curriculum management. Acalog is the software used to display catalog information online. Curriculog automates the process of curriculum change approval, helping Valpo to approve course and program changes and improve communication about the curriculum across campus. This article explains the process for custom routing a proposal. This can be used to send a proposal back to the Originator for editing and then resuming the approval workflow.

Step-by-step Guide

Curriculog Login

  • Faculty and staff members with Curriculog accounts can visit and log in to get started.

Finding the Proposal

  • Navigate to the My Tasks tab.
  • Use the Advanced Filter as needed to narrow the list.


titleCustom Route at Only Your Step in the Workflow

It's important to note that you can only Custom Route a proposal at your step in the workflow.

Routing the Proposal

  • Click on a proposal to open it.
  • Click on Decisions from the Toolbox on the right.
  • Select Custom Route.
  • Click the Make My Decision button.


    • Are edits allowed at this step?
    • Are comments allowed at this step?
    • Do not require a signature. Valparaiso University uses authentication at login rather than signatures in Curriculog.
    • Who can view the comments at this step?
    • If routing to 1 person, require 100% participation and 100% approval. If routing to a committee, committees typically require only the agenda administrator to record a decision in Curriculog.
    • Do not enable Hold, Cancel, or Suspend options.
    • Choose whether the proposal should return to the current step after the custom route or advance beyond this step and automatically reach the next step in the workflow.
    • Add anyone who should be notified of the decision made during the custom step.
    • Do not set a deadline. Deadlines lead to automatic rejection of a proposal when missed. This means a new proposal would be needed to replace the rejected proposal.
    • You may set email reminders for a specified number of days. (Send every 3 days, for example.)
    • You may Preview and Edit the Custom Route as needed.
    • When ready, click Request Custom Route. It will be sent to a Curriculog Administrator in the Office of the Registrar to confirm the new step.

Resources, Including Training Videos by Modern Campus - Curriculog University

Our vendor, Modern Campus, has an excellent online collection of resources, including video tutorials, a resource center, an ideas portal, community forums, webinars, articles, user manuals, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.