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The Faculty Handbook defines the edits that must get internal governance approval before they can be published and go into effect. In Curriculog, changes to course and program details are automatically routed to internal governance committees for review. Proposals categorized as "Other" that include "Catalog Change (Not Course or Program Change)" in the title have the following question , and help text which determines determine the approval workflow:

"Internal Governance approval required?

Is this catalog change proposal related to a university policy or subject under the purview of the Educational Policy Committee as defined in the Faculty Handbook? a) educational objectives and goals, the general education curriculum, curricula of the undergraduate colleges of the University, the establishment of new programs, the elimination of old programs, and all other curricular matters as are delegated by the faculty; and b) library, institutional research, academic counseling, teaching and learning processes, grading system, class attendance, and eligibility requirements."

Answering Yes to this question routes the form to the appropriate committee for review. Answering No to this question sends the proposal to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

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