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Acceptable Use Policy – Violations


Violations of the Acceptable Use Policy may be of many different characters, and the procedures to be followed may be governed by different University policies, depending on the nature of the offense and the status of the offender.


In cases where the violation is a simple violation of the Acceptable Use Policy, with no other ramifications (Simple Violation), the matter should be referred to IT.


  1. Violations should be referred to the appropriate jurisdiction. Such jurisdiction should immediately refer any concerns affecting network traffic, access, or security to IT staff.
  2. Whenever IT becomes aware of a violation of this Policy, the IT staff will review the violation and refer it to the appropriate jurisdiction if that has not already been done.
  3. As soon as IT becomes aware of a violation of this Policy (whether or not that violation has been referred to other authority), the IT staff will take appropriate measures to halt the violation, secure the network and resources, and comply with applicable laws and regulations pending resolution of the matter. These measures may include halting a program running on central systems; disconnecting remote systems from the network; removing offending material from VU systems or rendering it inaccessible; disabling user accounts; or any other measures necessary to accomplish cessation of the violation, preservation of the integrity of University resources, and compliance with legal and regulatory mandates.
  4. In the case of a first Simple Violation (see above) of Acceptable Use Policy, IT staff will contact the offender, advise the offender of the violation, and attempt to secure the violator’s cooperation.
  5. In the case of repeated Simple Violations or any University Violations (see above) of Acceptable Use Policy, IT will confer with the Dean of Students in the case of a student or the supervisor in the case of a regular employee to determine what further action needs to be taken.
  6. In the case of a first Civil Violation (see above), the University will follow the procedure for University Violations and, in addition, take appropriate steps to protect its interests, including conferring with University Legal Counsel.
  7. In the case of Criminal Violations, the matter will immediately be referred to VUPD for investigation and possible prosecution. In addition, other appropriate steps will be taken as necessary to protect the University’s interests.
  8. In the case of Criminal Violations, repeated Civil Violations, or egregious University or Simple Violations of Acceptable Use Policy, the violator’s computing privileges will be terminated and the matter will be escalated to higher administrative authority for final resolution.


In addition to sanctions, disciplinary action, or legal action that may be imposed by the authority having jurisdiction over the violator, violations of Appropriate Use Guidelines may lead to suspension or loss of computing privileges.