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INTL 150 Global Perspectives
INTL 290 Topics in International Studies
COMM 291 Topics in World Cinema
ENGL 203 Middle Eastern Literatures
ENGL 204 Middle Eastern Cinemas
ENGL 306 World Literature in English
ENGL 343 Introduction to Linguistics
ENGL 344 Sociolinguistics: Language Across Cultures
ENGL 368 Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages: Theory and Methods
ENGL 369 Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages: Methods and Practices
EAST 340 East Asian Humanities Topics
HIST 140 Introduction to East Asian Culture
HIST 232 Latin American History and Society
HIST 235 Modern Mexico: Competing Visions of the Nation
HIST 250 African History and Society
HIST 329 Revolution! Insurgence in Latin America
HIST 333 Latin America in the Cold War Era
HIST 341 Revolution and Its Roots: The Making of Modern China
HIST 342 Tragedy and Triumph: The Making of Modern Japan
HIST 350 Colonialism and Independence: Understanding Modern Africa
HIST 355 Modern Middle Eastern History
MGT 440 Cross-Cultural Management
PHIL 220 Asian Philosophy
THEO 345 The Church in the World
THEO 361 Indian Religions and Cultures
THEO 362 Islamic Religions and Cultures
THEO 363 Religions of China and Japan
THEO 364 Native American Religions
THEO 367 Topics in South Asian Religions

1 These credits can only count when earned through the English Conversation Partner program in which domestic students meet for one hour per week with international students. The two credits can be earned by meeting with two students in one semester or one student in two different semesters. For more information: