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After you disconnect, the app will remember previous connections in a list to make it easier to connect in the future. Just select it and enter the new key the next time you connect.

Want to view the session remotely? The meeting organizer should share the web address (ex. with the viewer. Then the viewer should launch the Solstice app, and select Meeting -> Remote View.

Meeting Options:

  • Multi-room functionality is not enabled right now.

  • Moderated = no one can join the session unless you approve it.

  • Password-protected = the organizer provides the password to only those they want to join the session.


  1. First, download and install the Solstice app from your device's app store. Apps can be downloaded here:

  2. Once installed, open the app.

  3. Select a name for your device. (ex. John’s iPhone)

  4. Type in the IP address (ex. and the 4-character key displayed on the Solstice screen.

    Step 1, select a name Step 2, type in the address Step 3, enter the key Step 4, main menu options
  5. See the "Now what?" section below for more about functionality.

Step-by-step guide - Your Device's Browser

  1. Open the browser and type the specified IP address in the address field (ex.

  2. When prompted, download and install the app.

  3. Open the app.

  4. Select a name for your device. (ex. Becky's laptop)

  5. Type in the 4-character key displayed on the Solstice screen.

    step 1, type in addressstep 2, enter your namestep 3, type in the keystep 4, main menu options


  1. See the "Now what?" section below for more about functionality.

I'm Connected - Now What?

  • If you wish to share your whole desktop, select "Desktop." If you just want to share a specific app window or browser tab, open it and then select "App Window" and navigate to your app/browser. See note about Apple audio below in the "known issues" box.

  • If you’d like to upload media files you can do so through the "Media file" option (i.e. multiple image/video files). There is no limit on the number of files you can share.

  • Once things are displayed on the screen you can “dock” them to the left in the dark “on-deck” bar. This allows you to keep the viewing screen more manageable if you have multiple items displayed. This can be done in the layout section of the app.