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Valparaiso University is a Network Participant in IND-NET, a state network connected to the Internet. The following policy statement has been adopted by IND-NET. Any Network Participant or affiliate of a Network Participant connected in order to use the Indiana state network and any other networks which are used as a result of their connection must comply with this policy and the stated purposes and acceptable use policies of any other networks used.

Valparaiso University and the Internet computing resources are shared resources. All users are urged to exercise common sense and decency with regard to their use. Computing resources should be used in a manner consistent with the instructional, research, and administrative objectives of the University. Appropriate use of resources includes instruction, independent study, authorized research, independent research, and the official work of the offices, departments, recognized student and campus organizations, and agencies of the member institutions.

Examples of inappropriate use include, but are not limited to, any traffic that violates state and/or federal laws, any use that is unethical in nature, the distributing of unsolicited advertising, propagation of computer worms or viruses, the distribution of chain letters, attempts to make unauthorized entry to another network node, excessive use for recreational games, and excessive personal use.

Users should abide by the following guidelines when using University and the Internet computing resources:

Respect the privacy of others. Do not seek information about, obtain copies of, or modify electronic information belonging to other users unless explicitly authorized to do so by those users. Do not share passwords with others or use passwords not belonging to you.

Respect the network as a shared resource. Do not deliberately attempt to degrade or disrupt system performance or to interfere with the work of others. Be sensitive to the impact of your traffic on network performance.

Respect appropriate laws and copyrights. The distribution of programs, databases, and other electronic information resources ( and video tapes, and CD-ROMs) is controlled by the laws of copyright, licensing agreements, and trade secrets. These should be observed.

Respect the spirit of academia. The theft, mutilation, or abuse of computing resources violates the nature and spirit of the academic environment. Participants who use networks or facilities not owned by the University will adhere to the policies and procedures established by the administrators of these networks and facilities. These can usually be obtained from the network information center of the network in question. Use of computing resources must follow the guidelines of all the networks traversed.

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