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Department: Collection Development

Policy: Use of Replacement Funds

19 April 1993
Rev. 21 August 2014

Purpose: This policy describes under what circumstances we will make purchased from the designated replacement fund.

Overview: Like other parts of our acquisitions budget, the replacement fund is not a bottomless well. The purpose of this policy statement is to guide us in using the funds judiciously and consistently.


Replacement funds are used to replace materials that have been withdrawn because of condition, or simply lost. The key trigger is that the title was once part of our collection and the item has had sufficient use to warrant replacement. Most condition replacements are ordered at the time of withdrawal. However, any title that is listed on our batch withdrawal lists of lost materials qualifies for purchase using the replacement fund.

1. Replacement funds may be used to purchase:

a.The same edition, including the same edition in another format
(e.g. e-book instead of print; paperback instead of hardback; DVD to replace a lost
VHS tape)
b.A slight variant of the same edition (e.g. U.S. edition instead of British edition)
c.A newer edition of the same title.
d.A more scholarly edition of the same title (e.g. a more scholarly edited version of
the same novel, or a better translation of the same work.)

2. On a case-by-case basis, replacement funds may be used to purchase different work if all of the following conditions are met:

a.It is on the same subject as the withdrawn item.
b.It is by one or more of the same authors as the withdrawn item.
c.It was published more recently than the withdrawn item.
d.The withdrawn item had recent use.

3. Beginning in FY15, we may use replacement funds to purchase DVDs to replace VHS recordings before withdrawing the VHS. If replacement funds become tight, this practice may cease.