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The Lutheran University Association, Inc.
d/b/a Valparaiso University

Valparaiso University Google Account Policy

All employees will be assigned a Google account. That account will be the employee’s official work Google account and will come with an email address, which serves as the employee’s official work email address. Employees that are also alumni of the University may have a pre-existing University Google account that was assigned to them as students. In that case, the existing account and email address will become their official work account and email address. An employee may use their official Google account for personal use, so long as such use does not unnecessarily burden the University, does not interfere with the employee’s job or job duties, is not used for illegal purposes, or is not otherwise prohibited by University policy. However, an employee’s official Google account, including email and other data and documents stored therein, is property of the University and no employee shall have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the account.

An employee will no longer have access to their Google account upon their termination from the University. The University’s Office of Information Technology (IT) will maintain the account for six (6) months after the date of termination, and then the account will be deleted, unless otherwise prohibited by law. On an as-needed basis, IT will allow University employees to access the account in order to retrieve any necessary documents or data that it may contain, to carry on the business of the University. In order to access any personal information remaining in the account after termination, former employees may request access to the Google account, with the Director of Human Resources, for up to 30 days following the last day of employment. The Director of Human Resources has discretion to grant those requests on a case-by-case basis. There is no guarantee that this request will be granted. Therefore, employees should refrain from storing personal information and records in their Google account.

Upon request to IT, former employees that are also alumni and/or official retirees from the University will have the opportunity to continue using their Google account (including email) after termination/retirement. However, the former employee will not have access to any documents or data that existed prior to their termination/retirement without the request granted by the Director of Human Resources as described above.     

Approved by President's Council September 15, 2015

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Current Version (v. 3) Feb 28, 2019 10:18 Rebekah Arevalo
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