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Valparaiso University Policy Introduction:

Valparaiso University provides an individual E-mail address to each student and faculty member. Mail to this address can be accessed through various clients and, at the request of the user, may be directed to various other E-mail accounts. These University supplied E-mail addresses provide a uniform way to maintain communication between faculty and students using individual addresses, class lists, prometheus, etc.

The following policy is proposed to provide a uniform means for relying upon E-mail for communication between students and faculty. A major purpose of the policy is to relieve instructors from having to use multiple methods to contact students outside of class time and to relieve them from having to maintain ever-changing e-mail lists of the students’ current favorite non-VU mail addresses.

Just as with communication via mail, it is assumed that notifications will be made on a timely basis, providing appropriate lead time for response and follow up.

IT provides the option of directing mail to University supplied E-mail addresses to other addresses, but cannot guarantee delivery. Those who choose to forward their University addressed E-mail do so at their own risk. Further information is available from the help desk.

Valparaiso University Policy:

Valparaiso University relies on E-mail accounts for students and faculty as a primary means to communicate information. When individuals do not use their University-assigned E-mail accounts, that information is often not conveyed. Individuals who do not routinely check their University E-mail accounts assume all risks and consequences of such neglect.

Author: Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable; Apr 15 2002
Approved: Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable; Apr 15 2002
Approved: University Council, Apr 2002

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