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Acceptable Use Policy – Introduction

Use of University Support Services

Valparaiso University provides telephones, electronic mail service, ..., computers, printers, ..., and clerical assistance to members of the faculty, staff and administration to support the work of teaching, conducting research, completing University-related tasks, and administering the affairs of the University. These services are not to be used by individuals for personal, non-emergency reasons or to conduct private business activities...

Valparaiso University Hourly Staff Handbook, Para. 2.28;
Valparaiso University Salaried Staff Handbook;
Valparaiso University Faculty Handbook


Valparaiso University benefits from a number of contracts and license agreements having special price advantages predicated on educational use of the covered items. If the University were to make its computing and networking resources available to nonaffilated people, or for use unrelated to University business, that would violate these contracts and license agreements and put the University at ethical bankruptcy and financial risk.

Who can use VU Resources:

  • Current Students, Faculty, and staff
  • Persons integrally associated with official programs of the University
  • Visitors and Guests integrally associated with official University activities
  • Emeritus faculty
  • Retired staff, as deemed appropriate by the Administration on a case-by-case basis

Requirements for Use of Resources:

  • Read and understand this policy
  • Understand and agree that use of Valparaiso University resources is tantamount to signing the Acceptable Use Agreement Form
  • (Administrative Users) Sign Administrative System Agreement on Privacy and Confidentiality Form
  • Obtain necessary accounts

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