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File sizes over 1 GB will no longer upload to Blackboard to preserve server space. Therefore, students will need to choose an alternative model and follow the instructions for their choice below. This article is broken into sections based on your choices. Here are the quicklinks to the sections you may choose: 


YouTube is included with Valpo Gmail accounts. YouTube will have an initial 15-minute limit on your account. However, users can verify their accounts and upload much longer video files. The instructions for both are listed below.

Uploading Videos to YouTube

Extending the 15-minute Limit

The recommended setting for your videos would be to set them as unlisted. This will keep it from YouTube search results, but allow anybody with the link (colleagues and instructors) to view the video without any special permissions.

Once your video is uploaded and you have a link, copy the link and paste it into the “Write Submission” area of the assignment.  Be sure to link it for your instructor to easily click on it to evaluate.  This saves them time and earns you brownie points!


  1. During the upload process, YouTube will provide a link that can be copied and pasted.
    1. If you don’t copy and paste it at this time:
      1. Visit your channel and click on the video to play it.
      2. Under the video, click the SHARE tab and copy the link.
  2. Now, follow the directions under the heading, SUBMITTING TO BLACKBOARD near the bottom of this page.


Google Drive is another option for saving your video file. Valpo Google Drive space is unlimited.  This option will also give you a link to the video. The instructions for uploading the video are below:

Uploading Files and Folders to Google Drive – including video files

Obtaining the video link:

  1. In the Google Drive folder where you saved your video file, right click on the video file.
  2. Choose GET LINK
  3. On the next screen, click on the option for GET LINK on the next screen, click on the CHANGE LINK TO VALPARAISO UNIVERSITY.
    1. Choosing VALPARAISO UNIVERSITY will allow the video to be accessible to only those signed in with a Valpo Gmail account.
    2. Choosing ANYONE WITH THE LINK will allow anybody that is provided the link access.
  4. Once you make your selection, click the button labeled COPY LINK.
  5. Now, follow the directions under the heading, SUBMITTING TO BLACKBOARD


Once your video is uploaded and you have a link, you are ready to turn it into Blackboard.  Here are the instructions to do so:

  1. Copy the link where your video is located. See correct section above for instructions on obtaining the link. Each choice above is a slightly different.
  2. Open the assignment in your Blackboard course.
  3. Click on the WRITE SUBMISSION button on the page.
  4. In the WRITE SUBMISSION area of the assignment, paste the link.
  5. Highlight the link in the Write Submission area and click on the link button in the top toolbar.
  6. A new window will open. Paste the link one more time in the box labeled LINK PATH and then click on INSERT

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.