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Perusall is an annotation tool for textbooks to create engaging interactions and community within the text itself. Perusall is free and is already integrated with our installation of Blackboard. To setup Perusall for use in your class, follow the instructions below. To learn more about Perusall, or for support, please visit Perusall’s website at:

  1. Once in the Blackboard course, navigate to a content folder where you would like to place the link. NOTE: You cannot place it in the left navigation menu. It must be in Learning Modules or a Learning Modules Content Folder or the link will not be active.
  2. In the header area of Learning Modules or a Content Folder, Click the Drop-Down Arrow to the right of Build Content and then select Web Link on the drop-down menu.

web link circled

3. On the WEB LINK INFORMATION screen, type the following information (match the screenshot below):

a. Name = Perusall

b. URL =

c. Be sure to check the box for “This link is to a Tool Provider”

e. You can leave the Enable Evaluation set to “No.”

d. The rest of the page is optional to fill out.

web link information

4. Click Submit to add the link to your Blackboard.


The instructions above differ from those on the Perusall support site.  They include the setup instructors for Blackboard administrators.  These instructions pickup for instructors after the setup has been completed.  IT has already set this up for use by any instructors who choose to utilize the tool.

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.