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Are you looking for information about courses you might take? These instructions will help you use DataVU's "Search for Sections" option to find what you heed.

We've also got a "Searching for Sections" video on our YouTube channel to walk you through this process.

How to Search for Classes

  1. Login to DataVU at with your ValpoNet username and password.
  2. Click the blue STUDENTS Menu from the first screen.
  3. In the REGISTRATION section, click the link called SEARCH FOR SECTIONS.
  4. Fill in the required TERM field at the top with the option for semester in which you would like to find courses.
  5. Additionally, you must select one other field of your choice to fill out. The more fields you fill out on this form, the more direct your search will be. It’s best to fill in 3 to 4 fields; this will help you get a good list of classes that is neither too long or too short.
    1. SUBJECT - search a specific department or program
    2. COURSE LEVELS and COURSE NUMBER - specify the level you are looking for
    3. GENERAL EDUCATION CATEGORY - are you trying to fulfill a general education requirement?
    4. INSTRUCTIONAL METHOD - whether the class is a colloquium, lab, independent study, etc.
    5. SECTIONS MEETING AFTER, SECTIONS ENDING BEFORE, or specific day fields - specify class meeting day and time preferences
    6. COURSE TITLE KEYWORD(S) - keywords in the course name
    7. BUILDING - course meeting location
    8. INSTRUCTOR’S LAST NAME - find a class taught by a preferred professor (Correct spelling of their name makes a big difference!)
  6. Once you’ve filled in your preferred search criteria, click SUBMIT.  You will see a page with a grid showing the classes that meet your specific criteria.  If nothing has been returned in your search, you may want to hit the back button to remove a few criteria as none of the classes met your specific requirements.

Interpreting Search Results

In the results, you will see detailed information for each class, including the following:

  • what TERM or semester the class is being held

  • the STATUS of the class:

    • OPEN means that seats are available

    • WAITLIST means that all seats are full but the professor is accepting names on a waiting list.

    • CLOSED means that no more seats are available and there is no waiting list.

  • the official SECTION NAME AND TITLE of the class, with a link to the official course catalog information

    • Clicking this link will open a new window and you will see a longer description, prerequisite information, and additional information about the class.

  • MEETING INFORMATION including day, time, and location

  • the FACULTY member(s) teaching the class

  • in the AVAILABLE/CAPACITY/WAITLIST field, you will see this information, in order:

    • the number of currently open seats in the class

    • the total number of seats that the professor will accept for the class

    • and the number of people ahead of you on the waitlist

  • the number of CREDITS the class is worth


  • and a column titled BOOKLOOK, which is a link to bookstore information for the class

    • Clicking this link will again open a new window, and you will see the full list of required materials for the class, including information about books such as title, author, and ISBN number, new versus used status, rental and digital options, and more. For questions about this information, contact the Bookstore.

I searched... now what?

If you want to search again, click the BACK button in your browser.

If you're finished searching, click OK to return to the student menu.

Once you're done using DataVU, make sure to LOG OUT (button at the top) for your privacy and security.

Questions about registration?

Contact the Registrar's office or visit this page on their website: