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A required agreement may be assigned to you for completion as a prerequisite to your role on campus. A common example is the Educational Benefit Payment Agreement that students are required to complete for each term of enrollment prior to registration.

Step-by-step guide

Log into Self-Service at

  • Click on your user profile in the upper right-hand corner

  • Select Required Agreements from the drop-down list

  • Your Required Agreements will appear, select View to open 

Multiple Required Agreements

You may have Required Agreements for Payment of Tuition & Fees, use of the Fitness Center, or others. The Payment Agreement is required once per academic year, the Fitness Center is only required one time unless the agreement is changed.

  • Review the agreement. If a URL is provided, right-click to open in a new tab.

  • After accepting the agreement you will be asked if you would like to print it. You may print, but you may also return to this screen at any time and view or print the agreement.

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.