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This tutorial will walk you through the process of connecting to your office computer using Valpo's VPN web client. Before you can do this, you will need to access the VPN website. Instructions for that can be found at this page: Using Valpo's VPN - General

Configuring Your Office Computer for Remote Access

  1. First you need to ensure that remote access is enabled on your office PC.
    1. On a Windows PC, open File Explorer and right-click on "This PC", then click Properties. In the resulting window, click the "Remote settings" item from the panel on the left. Under the Remote Desktop heading, click the circle labeled "Allow remote connections to this computer" and check the box titled "Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (recommended)".
    2. On a Mac, download and install the Apple Remote Desktop app, following the tutorial here:
  2. Once remote desktop functionality is enabled on the computer you want to access, you can log into it from any computer with an internet connection. Browse to and log in with your Valpo credentials.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click on the "Create a new bookmark" text or the plus sign next to it.
  4. Complete the fields as follows:
    1. Bookmark Name: A name of your choosing—this could be "Office Computer" or another name of your choosing to help you identify the connection
    2. Name or IP Address: This is the most important field, as it is what the VPN client will use to identify which computer to sign in to. You must have permissions to log in to the computer you specify here. You automatically inherit the necessary permissions to log in to your office PC, but if you need to log into additional computers, a request will need to be submitted to and approved by the IT department.
    3. Description: This optional field allows you to provide more detail about the connection
    4. Tabs: Leave this field blank
    5. Service (drop-down menu): Change this value to "Terminal Services (RDP)" under the Desktop heading (NOTE: once you change this option, additional fields will appear; leave them all blank)
  5. Leave the "Automatically log in" box checked, along with the option called Use SSL VPN account credentials; Check the box next to the option called Use Login Domain for SSO
  6. Click OK to create the connection to your office computer. You can now click the link with the name you assigned to access your office computer from any computer with an internet connection.

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