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Want to see a list of your classes? How about finding book information so you can start shopping for and buying your textbooks and other class materials?

Step-by-step guide

  1. Login to DataVU at with your ValpoNet username and password.
  2. Click the blue STUDENTS Menu from the first screen.
  3. In the ACADEMIC PROFILE section, click the link called CLASS SCHEDULE.
  4. Select the correct term from the drop-down menu and click SUBMIT.
  5. In the results, you'll see detailed information for each class, including the following:
    1. what TERM or semester the class is being held

    2. the STATUS of the class
    3. the official SECTION NAME AND TITLE of the class, with a link to the official course catalog information

      1. Clicking this link will open a new window and you will see a longer description, prerequisite information, and additional information about the class.

    4. MEETING INFORMATION including day, time, and location (if available)

    5. the FACULTY member(s) teaching the class

    6. the number of CREDITS the class is worth
    7. the START DATE of the term
    8. two columns titled BOOKLOOK and BOOKNOW

      1. These links open in new windows. For questions about this information, contact the Bookstore.

      2. BOOKLOOK lets you see the full list of required course materials for the class (if the professor has submitted it to the bookstore), including information about books such as title, author, and ISBN number, new versus used status, rental and digital options, and more.
      3. BOOKNOW lets you order your course materials through the bookstore's website. There are a variety of payment options, and materials can either be shipped to your location for a fee, or you can opt to pick up the order when you arrive on campus for no charge.

I searched... now what?

If you're finished searching, click OK to return to the student menu.

Once you're done using DataVU, make sure to LOG OUT (button at the top) for your privacy and security.


Questions about registration?

Contact the Registrar's office or visit this page on their website: