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Export and Archive are two different functions within Blackboard.

The archive course feature creates a frozen snapshot or permanent record of your course. An archive includes all the content, course statistics, users, and course interactions, such as blog posts, discussions, and grades.

The export course feature creates a ZIP file of your course content that you can import to create a new course. Unlike the archive course feature, the export course feature doesn't include any users or user interactions with the course.

export package circled

export package circled

export instructions 

select course materials

select submit


archive instructions


This is an example of a Blackboard email after an export is completed. Sometimes warnings will occur, and it is good practice to check all links in the course if being used for an import to another course.


export package

An exported course content in the .zip file can be imported into an existing course. 

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.