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For Faculty: Blackboard Smart View is a focused look at the Grade Center that shows only the columns that match a set of criteria. The view is saved for continued use. When the Grade Center includes a great number of students and columns, you can use Smart Views to quickly locate data and evaluate student performance for a particular module or assignment.

In your Grade Center, Blackboard creates two Smart Views for you automatically: Assignments and Tests. You can create additional Smart Views. For example, if you have combined two sections you may choose to create a Smart View for each of them.

Step-by-step guide

  1. From the Control Panel, click on Full Grade Center

full grade center circled

2. In the Full Grade Center, hover your mouse over the Manage button and choose Smart Views

smart views circled

3. To create a new Smart View, click the Create Smart View

create smart view circled

4. Give your new Smart View a Name to help you identify it

5. Be sure to check the box to Add as Favorite so it will show in the Control Panel list under Grade Center 

smart view information screen example

6. Choose the Type of View you wish to create (performance, user, category and status or custom) 

7. Identify the Select Criteria for your Smart View and Select Filter Results which columns to display

8. Click Submit when you are finished

select course group then select submit

9. A Smart View has been added to your Grade Center.

smart view example

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.