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Visitors to campus should follow these steps to connect any device to the secure wi-fi network on campus.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open your device's Wi-Fi settings and connect to the valpo-connect wireless network.

  2. Open a web browser.
    1. If you’re not automatically redirected, type in

  3. Check the box to agree to the Acceptable Use Policy and click "Start."

  4. Select Guest.

  5. Note the passphrase provided on the screen!

  6. Go back to your device's wi-fi preferences and select the valpo-guest wireless network. When prompted, enter the passphrase you were shown.

  7. After connecting, "forget" the valpo-connect network.

  8. Your access will be valid until the passphrase is changed by IT -- at minimum, once per year -- after which, you'll need to reregister.

Guest Wifi Restrictions

Guest wireless has limited access to the internet and Valpo online resources. For example, a VPN should work, but remote desktop access will not.

Students, faculty, and staff should register their devices for full access on the valpo-user wireless network.

Still need help?

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.