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Help us protect the security of the Colleague system by following these simple steps to maintaining security.

Step-by-step guide

Password lock your computer when away. Lock your computer access when stepping away from your computer for more than a few seconds. This helps prevent both malicious and playful tampering. To lock your Windows computer, hold the Windows key and press the letter "L." To unlock, use your ValpoNet password just as if you were logging in.

Use Google Chrome for Colleague UI 5.3 or newer. We recommend using Chrome for the best performance. This version is written using the most universally accepted HTML5, and doesn't require Silverlight, allowing users to access Colleague from any of the browsers.

Use Internet Explorer for Colleague UI 4.6Internet Explorer (IE) is the only browser that supports Silverlight, which is the basis for Colleague UI version 4.6.

Warning: on Windows 10 computers, there is an icon for "Edge" that closely resembles the icon for Internet Explorer. Make sure you are using the correct one as Edge is not supported for Colleague use.

Colleague UI test accounts open in default pinkIf you login to any of the Colleague UI test accounts available from the page, you will notice that the default color scheme is set to pink to aid in distinguishing between the production and test environments. You are able to override that if you wish, and can have different color schemes for different user accounts.

Colleague sessions idle for 1 hour or more will auto-logout. The Colleague login process is fairly quick so this should not cause any undue difficulty. When you aren't using Colleague for a half hour or more, please logout. This helps with both security and licensing issues.

Colleague Users are restricted to a single session. When you login to Colleague, a check for multiple sessions will be made. In most cases, an individual who already has a live Colleague session will NOT be permitted additional logins and will receive an email notice to that effect.

  • Multiple Colleague logins/sessions will be allowed for everyone after 5:00pm weekdays, all day Saturdays and University Holidays, and after 12:00 noon on Sundays.
  • Rogue sessions will prevent a second login so there is now a DataVU form (End Colleague Rogue Session) with which you can end your own rogue session. To access the form, log in to DataVU and click on the Employees menu. You should see "End Colleague Rogue Session" under the submenu "Valpo Computer Accounts."
  • All Colleague UI sessions are counted. If you have logged in to both production and test, then you have 2 active Colleague logins.

Still need help?

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.