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INSTRUCTOR ROLE ONLY - Not available to Students

Blackboard is designed for instructors to create a custom course site for their class. One of the best ways to
organize your class is to modify the course menu to meet your needs.  

This is a default course menu. It is made up of links to the different tools and pages
available in the course. Here is what link is about:

Announcements: links to the Announcements page (default course home page). This
is a place for instructors to post time-sensitive information for students.

Contact Info: A page which allows the instructor fill out a contact form or create folders for various course roles.

Syllabus: A Content area page. This menu link is designed to contain the course syllabus, course policies, course schedule, etc.

Content: A Content area page intended to house general course material.

Discussions: This links to the course discussion board. An area which can contain multiple forums for threaded, asynchronous discussions.

Groups: If group work is part of the course, groups may be able to access group tools here.

Tools: An area containing all of the Blackboard featured tools for the course. (Instructors may choose to turn off tools they do not plan to use to avoid confusion.)

Send Email: The place to email student users, instructors, groups or selected users.

My Grades: A list of the assignments and grades for the course. Please note, some grades may be links containing additional information about the assignment.

Library Guides: A link to the Library’s guide for your subject or course.

Student Blackboard Help: A link to Valpo’s student tip sheets for Blackboard.

Faculty Blackboard Help: A link to Valpo’s instructor tips sheets for Blackboard. (note: this link is only visible to the instructor of the course)

Emergency Preparedness Protocol: This is a required link based on the required syllabus language provided by the university.

Starfish@Valpo: This link will pass users directly through to the Starfish retention management software without a login required. 

Control Panel: The Control Panel contains links to the course management capabilities that only an instructor would need. These functions including adding users, viewing and entering grades into the Grade Center, customizing the course, etc. The Control Panel is not visible to students.

Instructors can add items to the menu by clicking the plus sign (circled in red to the left).

Click any of the links (in the fly out menu that opens) to add items to the menu.

  • Content Areas contain the ability to add files, folders, assessments, etc.
  • Module pages allow instructors to sequence content on the page.
  • Blank pages are available for content. Instructors can add text and other objects to these pages.
  • Tool links allow the addition of a tool directly to the menu.
  • Web links add direct web links to the course menu.
  • Course links direct to other places in the course.
  • Subheaders are bold words to serve as titles for parts of the course menus.
  • Dividers are lines to help divide grouped areas of links.

Additionally, items can be renamed, hidden or deleted by clicking the down arrow next to the menu item (icon pictured to the right of tools in the graphic to the left).

  • Rename - change the name of the existing menu item
  • Hidden - hide the menu item from students (instructor resources, items you want to make visible at a later time, etc.)
  • Delete - Remove menu item and all its contents from the course.

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.