Curriculum Management at Valparaiso University

Valparaiso University uses Acalog and Curriculog by Modern Campus for catalog and curriculum management. Acalog is the software used to display catalog information online. Curriculog automates the process of curriculum change approval, helping Valpo to approve course and program changes and improve communication about the curriculum across campus. This article explains the process used by department chairs, program directors, deans, and others to review proposals, add comments, and record decisions in Curriculog.

Step-by-step Guide

Faculty and staff members with Curriculog accounts can visit and log in to get started.

Your Valpo email address is your username.

From the Proposals screen, you can select the following tabs:

  • My Tasks - This tab displays any proposals awaiting your approval.
  • My Proposals - This tab displays the proposals that you've submitted.
  • All Proposals - This tab displays all proposals. You can filter this list by proposal status or proposal type.
  • Watch List - This tab allows you to view any proposals that you've bookmarked using the button shown below.

Reviewing Proposals

Navigate to the My Tasks tab to see all proposals that require your approval to advance in the approval workflow.

The following symbols and colors are used on the Curriculog dashboard to help you quickly identify your current tasks, proposals you've written, approvals, rejections, and proposals that are urgent or stuck in the workflow and need immediate attention.

Here is an example of tasks with a bright red-orange label to make them easy to identify. Anything with this label is at a step in the workflow for which you're a participant.

Click on any proposal to view it in detail, as shown below. The proposal details are on the left side of the screen, and additional information such as Discussion, Workflow Steps, Files (attachments), and Decisions are shown on the right in the Toolbox.

The circles at the top of the page show the number of steps in this proposal's workflow. Green circles with a thumbs-up icon indicate approval at that step. Red circles with a thumbs-down icon indicate rejection at that step. Place the cursor over any step for a description of the participants at that step.

The Discussion tab displays the full details of all actions taken and comments added.

User Tracking is available. You can choose the Show current with markup option to see tracked changes in the proposal.

You can check and uncheck specific users to narrow the tracked changes.


After reading the proposal, click on the Decisions tab to view the current step, the requirements for approval (for example, participants at this step or committee participation), and the controls for decision-making.

Important Note

Proposals that are fully approved are used to update Acalog (the catalog), Colleague, DataVU (Self-Service), and Simple Syllabus through systems integration. Please review proposals carefully to ensure all details are accurate before publishing.

Click on Approve or Reject. You may add a comment. Submit the decision by clicking Make My Decision.

Please note that you can only make a decision on a proposal if you are a participant at the current step in the workflow. Committee members can view, comment, and share their opinions from the Decisions tab, but only the Agenda Administrator (such as the chair or secretary) may submit the decision on behalf of the committee.

Once your decision has been made, the circle representing your step in the workflow will fill in with a symbol indicating whether you have approved or rejected the proposal. If approved, the proposal will automatically advance to the next step. If rejected, the proposal will move back within the workflow for revision.

Resources, Including Training Videos by Modern Campus - Curriculog University

Our vendor, Modern Campus, has an excellent online collection of resources, including video tutorials, a resource center, an ideas portal, community forums, webinars, articles, user manuals, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Curriculog University

How to Write a Catalog Change Proposal in Curriculog

Follow this link to learn about writing a Catalog Change Proposal in Curriculog.

Curriculog Assistance

For assistance with the catalog editing process, Acalog, or Curriculog, please visit Curriculog University online or email to schedule a help session.