You click on the Excel button to download an Excel spreadsheet, but UI returns the error message: "<Excel File Name> …couldn’t be downloaded."  Yet, the Export Report to a PDF function is working.


The problem occurs because a file location is missing from the Trusted Locations in Excel’s Trust Center. To add the locations to Excel, do the following:

  1. Determine the current UI download destination directory by generating any Colleague report utilizing an Output Type of H (Hold).
  2. When the Report Browser displays the report, click the Save As button to see the current UI download destination directory.
  3. Enter this directory in the Trusted Locations list in Excel:
    1. Under the File drop-down menu, select Options, then click on the Trust Menu in the left panel.
    2. Click the Trust Center Settings button in the right panel to display the Trust Center window.
    3. In the left panel, click on the Trusted Locations.
    4. Add the download destination determined earlier to the Trusted Locations list.

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