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INSTRUCTOR USE ONLY - Before following these instructions, you must request your Zoom account by emailing

Zoom can be directly linked to your Blackboard course page for online meetings, sync sessions, study sessions, virtual office hours, etc.  To create this user-friendly integration for your students, please follow the instructions below. 

  1. Login to Blackboard and navigate to the course where you wish to link Zoom.  (Repeat these instructions for each course if you are adding multiple courses.)
  2. On the left side menu, choose the plus icon at the very top and choose Course Tool from the fly out menu.  

Course Tools Addition Menu

3. The above step will open a menu like the one pictured below.  In the Name field, type "Online Class Sessions," and choose Zoom Meeting from the dropdown menu under Type. Check the box for Available to Users so students can enter the Zoom integration. Click Submit.

4. You may choose to move the newly created link up and down the left menu by dragging it using the arrows that appear when hovering over the left side of the item until the up/down arrows appear.  Click and hold to drag the menu item. 

5. When clicking on this link, users will be taken to Zoom within the Blackboard window.  Login credentials for Blackboard users will be used to determine the users role. Course sessions and meetings can be scheduled directly through Blackboard and linked for students automatically.  

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