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10 Things to Try in Base Navigation

Add a Content Button to the Menu

Add a VU School Banner Image in Blackboard Announcements

Add the Course Evaluation Tool Button to the Blackboard Course Menu

Add a Web Link to an Open-Source Book Title

Adding a Discussion Board in Blackboard

Adding a Link to Discussion Board in a Content Area

Adding a Student Self Enroll Group in Blackboard

Adding Users to Blackboard

Clearing an Assignment Attempt in Blackboard

Course Copy

Course Master Shell

Course Navigation and Layout

Course Style Options

Creating a Safe Assignment in Blackboard

Creating a SmartView in Blackboard Grade Center

Creating Assessments in Blackboard

Discussion Board: Customize Grade Settings

Embedding YouTube Videos into Blackboard

Exporting a Test, Survey or Pool

Exporting the Blackboard Grade Center

Export or Archive a Blackboard Course

File Management

Get started with Pearson MyLab and Mastering in Blackboard Original

Grade Center Column Menu Options & Icon Legend

Import Course Package

Importing a Blackboard Test, Survey or Pool

Importing Grades to the Blackboard Grade Center

Inline Grading Tool

Logging in to Blackboard

Making Your Course Available to Students

Manually Create Grade Columns

Modifying Your Courses Menu in Blackboard Base Navigation

Modify Testing Accommodations in Blackboard

Navigate Inside a Course – Original View

Print a Student Photo Roster from Blackboard

Remove Large Files from a Blackboard Course

Removing Attendance from Grade in Blackboard

Removing Dropped/Inactive Students from Blackboard Courses

Removing Instructors from Blackboard

Requesting Blackboard Courses

Setting External Grade in Blackboard

Setting Up Perusall Tool in Blackboard

Setting Up Proctorio in Blackboard Courses

Share LinkedIn Learning Content in Blackboard Learn

Student Preview Mode

Submitting Video Assignments to Blackboard

Taking Attendance in Blackboard

Test and Quiz Generator from a Word Document

Tests and Quizzes

Viewing and Grading a Student's Test Attempt in Blackboard

Viewing Attempts Statistics for Blackboard Tests/Surveys

Viewing Blackboard Test Access Logs

Weighting Grades in Blackboard

Zoom Integration Setup