Agenda Administrators in Curriculog use the following steps to create a meeting agenda.

Step-by-step guide

Creating a New Agenda

  • Go to and log in.
    • Curriculog uses Single Sign-On. Use your Valpo GMail account credentials to access Curriculog. 

  • Navigate to the Agendas page and click the New Agenda button.

  • Give the Agenda a descriptive name that will help recipients to identify the committee and meeting date.
  • Click the Add Committee button.

  • Click on the name of the committee for which you're preparing an agenda.
  • Click on the Done Selecting Committees button.

  • The committee you've selected will now appear on the agenda as shown below.

  • Use the Notes field to enter all agenda details except for the list of proposals. 

  • Click on the Add/Remove Proposals button.

  • Click on the All Listed button to select all proposals currently at the workflow step of the committee.
    • You can remove any that the committee will not review at the upcoming meeting if needed.
  • Click on the Done Selecting Proposals button.

  • The selected proposals now appear on the agenda. 

  • When you've completed the agenda, Publish it using the button at the top of the page. It will be made available in Curriculog to committee members on the Agendas page.

  • The following confirmation message appears when publishing a new agenda. Click Publish Agenda if it's ready to be publically shared.

How are committee members notified of new agendas?

There are 4 ways that committee members can access an agenda:

  • Committee members are emailed a digest of new Curriculog information on Tuesdays and Thursdays just after midnight. If you publish an agenda on a Monday, for example, the committee will get a link to it in an email around midnight (as Tuesday begins).

  • The Agendas page in Curriculog lists all published agendas. Navigate to the All Agendas tab and click on an agenda in the list.

  • Committee members can also follow a link to the agenda after publication. Each agenda has a unique URL; copy the URL from the top of the browser as shown below. This is useful if you typically publish or send a link.

  • Additionally, committee members can find a link to the agenda on the Proposals page under My Recent Notifications.

Recording Committee Decisions Using the Agenda

  • Go to the Agendas page.
  • Click on the Edit (pencil) icon next to the agenda you'd like to use during the meeting.

  • The buttons next to each proposal allow for quick notation of the committee's decisions during the meeting or access to additional details:

  • As each proposal is approved, it moves forward to the next step in the workflow immediately.
  • If a proposal is rejected, it is returned to the Originator to restart the workflow.
  • When a proposal is approved on the last step in the workflow, it is locked from further editing and marked with a lock icon:

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