Complete a Progress Survey (Desktop)

Step 1: From the hamburger menu, select Students > Progress Surveys.

The Progress Surveys tab displays:

a. Displays the title and the number of items included in the survey.

b. Displays the date and time the survey was auto saved.

c. Displays the due date for the survey.

d. Displays the description of the survey.

e. To search for a specific student for the survey, select Search and enter the student's name, then select Search.

f. To learn more about the specific items on the survey and when to use them, select the info button. The Column Headers drawer will open to display descriptions of each item included in the survey.

g. Select RESET to clear ALL of the work you've done so far and start over.

Step 2: Review each student and select the appropriate item(s).

  • When an items is selected, a comment box displays (shown above) enabling you to add a comment along with your raised item. Some items may require a comment which is determined by your institution. You cannot submit a progress survey until all required comments have been provided.
  • As you are completing the survey, Starfish saves your work as long as you are connected to the internet. If you need to check when your work was last saved, refer to the Saved date at the top of the survey.

Step 3: When you have finished providing feedback, select Submit to complete the survey. You will be unable to re-access the survey once submitted.

Step 4: When you select Submit, a warning message displays "Are you sure you want to submit this survey for ALL students in this section?"

A confirmation message displays indicating you have successfully submitted the survey. If you have additional surveys to complete, you will be prompted to proceed to the next survey

If you have submitted all of your surveys, you will see a "thumbs up" confirmation, instead, and the Progress Surveys tab will indicate that you have no active surveys. 

Complete a Progress Survey (Mobile)

Progress Surveys have been optimized for mobile devices. The steps to complete a progress survey as noted above still apply for the mobile experience. However, there are a few notable differences with how the screens display on a mobile device.

In particular, on small screens, the survey will not display as a grid. Instead, you will see a list of students, and you can select the Plus icon to expand the row and leave feedback.