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Housing Terms

The following codes are visable on the APPN screen in Colleague.


Res Status




On Campus

Student lives in Res Halls or university approved housing, such as Uptown and sorority houses



Student lives with parents or legal guardian(s)


Off Campus

Student lives off campus, generally a senior


Study Abroad

Non Resident

Student is studying abroad or considered a non-resident for other reasons. E.g. Co-Op, Study Away, Student Teaching


Fraternity Housing

Housing not owned by the university, but occupied by fraternities.

Colleague Database Field Name for Res Status -> STU.RESIDENCY.STATUS

Colleague Fields

ASPR - Additional Student Profile Info

The Res Status field is populated with 'R' or 'C' initially by Slate when the student submits the enrollment deposit.

Manual updates - by the Registrar's office

Automated updates -

Colleague Program -

Date/Time - nightly at 8:00pm

File from Adirondack - prod/out/VALPO_STUDENT_STATUS.txt

File name and location in Colleague - X.TRANSMIT.FILES/X.BACKUPS.MONTH/ VALPO_STUDENT_STATUS-yyyymmdd200000.txt.

File backup location in Colleague - X.TRANSMIT.FILES

Program Process - Program listed above runs a separate program called X.UPD.RES.STS.FROM.ADIRONDACK

Processes each student record in the Adirondack file.

If there has been a change in the Res Status, the code is updated for that student record. If not, the record is bypassed.

Output report is called URS_Report_date_time.csv and placed S:\Team\adminData\Institutional_Research\URS Adirondack Residency Reports. 

Automated API - daily process that takes Adirondack room information and updates data on the ADSU.

ADSU - Address Summary Screen

Org Name/Address Lines

This field field contains the multiple lines of the address. A new entry is started for new addresses.


This field contains either Former or Current. If this field is marked with Current, it can also be marked as Pref Res and/or Pref Mail. If the entry is parked as Pref Res, this indicates that this is the student's current residence. If the is marked with Pref Mail, this indicates that all mail will be sent to this address. A Current address can have both Pref Res and Pref Mail, but that's not required.


This field lists all of the residents at that address. This can be the student's name and/or parents' names.


This field contains, Home, Local or Home 2 for each resident listed for the entry. 

  • Home (Permanent)

  • Local - also campus housing (dorms, etc.). This is changed when students self report via DataVU.
  • Home 2 - used when student has multiple households.
  • Other

How to determine what is the student's current home address?

ADSU screen needs to have the Status/Pref set to "Current" and the Type field directly next to the student's name should be set to "Home".

Colleague Field Usage

Slate Bridge

At the point of application, Slate sends the home address to Colleague. Once the student submits the enrollment deposit, the student indicated 'R' or 'C' and this information is sent to Colleague.

Address Updates

Students have the ability to submit address updates via DataVU screens. An Informer report is then generated and sent to the Registrar's office. Currently this process is not being fully utilized.

Billing Address

By default this is the addressed marked as Home in the Type field. There is also an AR code that is controlled by Finance Office. At this time, the AR code is not used because Student Accounts no longer mails bills.

Mailing Address

Mailing address is the address that has "Pref Mail" in the Status/Pref field.

Payroll/Tax Related Address

Finance Office was not part of original conversations. Follow up with them to discuss this use case can be had at a later date.

Departments & Applications

Departments creating and changing housing data:

  • Colleague - Registrar
  • Sunapsis - OIP
  • UAS - Collections/Finance Office
  • Colleague - Payroll/Finance Office
  • Adirondack - ResLife
  • Slate - Admissions

Applications receiving and using housing data:

  • Starfish
  • BBTS - door access