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How to use the tools that are unique to the Faculty Menu in Self-Service Student Planning (DataVU)

Faculty Menu

  • From the Main Menu in Colleague Self-Service, the Faculty menu may be selected either from the menu boxes or from the Daily Work icon in the left-hand column menu.

  • The Faculty Overview presents the faculty member's courses, organized by term

  • By clicking on a course section, further detail will be presented on the Section Details screen including:
    1. The date range, days & times, and classroom for the course
    2. Available Seats in the course
    3. Deadline dates for the course - Add/Drop, Withdrawal

Section Detail Tabs


  • The Roster tab displays the course roster, including the student's name and pronouns (for Spring 2022), student id, class level, and email address
  • The Roster can be exported to a .csv file using the Export button
  • You can email all students on the roster

Acadeum students

Please note that Acadeum students will NOT appear on this roster, only on the Blackboard roster. It is recommended to use email functionality from Blackboard if your course serves Acadeum students.


  • The Grading tab displays both Midterm and Final (Overview) grades, along with a checkbox for if a student Never Attended, and a Date of Last Attendance.
    • The last date attended field should be used if a student has stopped attending class during the term. Please do not use this field to denote for the whole class the last date the class met, the date grades are being entered, or the last date of the term. If a student earns an F grade or a U grade, you will be required to enter the last date attended, and in that case, the last date attended may be the last day of the term.
  • The option to enter grades will appear at the appropriate point in the term for entering grades.
  • Grades are saved while you work. There is no longer a "Submit" button. This eliminates the problem of "timing out" requiring faculty to re-enter grades; everything is automatically saved and submitted.
  • Grade deadlines are published in the Academic Calendar.
  • The Faculty Handbook explains grading policies in section 3.4.2 Grading.

Record is locked by another user

If you encounter a message that says 'Grade information cannot be updated because the record is locked by another user', please return in a few minutes to complete entering this grade. This happens if another user is making a change to the student's record at the same time. 

Grade Changes

The Office of the Registrar verifies grades multiple times a day while grading is open. This allows students to see the grades in DataVU. To change a verified grade, email Please refer to the Faculty Handbook for grading policy details.


  • The Permissions tab displays all categories of student permissions received for the course:
    • Requisite Waiver - a pre or co-requisite has been waived for the course
    • Faculty Consent - the faculty member has allowed a student to enter the course (used when faculty consent is required for a course)
    • Student Petition - a student has petitioned to be allowed into the course outside of standard restrictions (e.g. limited to majors/minors or class standing)


  • The Waitlist tab displays a list of students who are waitlisted for the course